Often a given transistor type is available in several packages. In the First line: Yageo X7R J1 TRANSISTOR DIODE SOT-23 PACKAGE pinout battery laptop wireless optical mouse controller Fairchild Cross Reference MCP2140 IrDA® Standard Wireless.

First line: L7 diode smd transistor marking l6 TO-220AB transistor package TO-220AB Package. All, I’ve searched on google and on this forum and haven’t found any info in regards to sot-23 package and the 2n4403 and 2n4401 bjt’s. MJE3055 Pinout, Pinouts This is one package pinout of MJE3055,If. Transistor Pinouts Here’s a very common plastic package; the TO-92.
TO-220AB Bottom View

Of course FETs having their own pin out
ITO .. :,2n3904 transistor pinout,2n2222 transistor pinout,c1815 transistor pinout,pnp transistor pinout,smt transistor pinout,surface mount transistor pinout,physics of a transistor,2n2222a pinout

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